An short article about coloured diamonds, together with some simple information about diamonds for folks looking at using them in an engagement ring.So you want to get diamonds with your marriage jewellery. You’ve considered them on your engagement ring, marriage rings and eternity ring, but you only can’t choose! Allot of individuals right now… Read More

Cassiterite is made up of tin oxide and is particularly the key ore for tin. In truth, it truly is often known as 'the tin stone'. As well as its essential industrial use, it's got some exciting Qualities which make substantial-top quality crystals valuable gemstones. Cassiterite specimens are highly regarded with mineral collectors.Cassiterite is … Read More

Amazonite Tough and CutAmazonite Rough and SlashThe most typical minerals in the world are definitely the feldspars, which make up practically sixty% in the Earth's crust. Specified the ubiquity of feldspar, it truly is somewhat shocking there are so handful of feldspar gemstones. Against this, A further quite common mineral, quartz, has at least a… Read More

I've been seeking into all matters ethical for Harriet (and for my very own curiosity) and assumed Others may also like to learn a little bit more about who's who inside the moral jewellery community and what many of the acronyms which people may possibly use mean. I will break up my analysis to this point across many blogs (because it's somewhat l… Read More

Investigate with the DPA claims that for important moments folks nevertheless are quite very clear that they want all-natural diamonds to symbolise and inform their stories, but we've been getting that we’re staying requested about artificial diamonds over ever before, so we assumed It could be exciting to put some information alongside one anoth… Read More